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As the fastest growing solution provider in fake IDs, IDTOP is challenging the status quo with its ABS/PVC and Teslin card. These cards are programmed perfectly to pass the scan and Ultraviolet light.
The definition of an adult in many countries is anyone over the age of 18. Adults are permitted to vote, serve in the military, purchase cigarettes and lottery tickets, get married without parental consent and apply for a credit card. If 18-year-olds can make decisions to elect someone to an office or be expected to be responsible enough to make financial decisions, they should be able to purchase alcohol and cigarette. This is the main reason IDTOP was established to help this age group scale this hurdle.
"Whether you want to get into a concert, buy alcohol, or otherwise misrepresent your age or identity getting a fake ID is the easiest way to do all these." the spokesperson of IDTOP commented "You deserve to party hard with your friends. Do not let a security guy at the entrance decide whether you have the right, IDTOPfake IDs look extremely similar to original IDs, they are also designed to pass the black light test."
The company has great success rate both out of state and instate but the success rate of the Fake IDs also depends on the cardholder; the look (how old or young the holder is), confidence, and composure of the cardholder just to name a few. High-end features like holograms, magnetic stripe, barcodes, microprinting are the main secret behind the success of IDTOP infamous fake IDs. The company accepts Bitcoin, West Union, Money express and MoneyGram as a mode of payment.
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